Ohio License #27841










Hobbs Industrial Piping, Inc. maintains a comprehensive written safety policy conforming
to all current OSHA standards. All employees carry a 30-hour OSHA training card. Employees performing site-specific tasks such as confined-entry, fall protection and Hazard Communication, all have additional training documentation. Annual re-fresher training is mandatory.

The company is registered with the State of Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation as a Drug Free Workplace. 

Hobbs Industrial Piping has made a commitment that injuries can and will be eliminated from our everyday processes. At Hobbs Industrial Piping, we believe every individual is an intricate part of our company's safety program. Every individual working for this organization has been given the authority to make corrective actions concerning safety as needed. Hobbs Industrial Piping remains diligent that every employee must go home in good health and physical wellbeing at the end of each day.