Our Safety Mission Statement

Hobbs Industrial Piping has made a commitment that injuries can and will be eliminated from our everyday practices. At Hobbs Industrial Piping, we believe every individual is an intricate part of our company’s safety program. Employees, Subcontractors, Vendors, and Partners must understand that this safety program is not a shelf type program. Hobbs encourages our employees to breathe life into the safety program and understand that they own the authority to make corrective actions concerning safety as needed. Employees understand the importance of accepting the responsibility for safe actions that could save their life or the life of another. Therefore, to ensure that Hobbs Industrial Piping is a safe place of employment, we understand that all employees must be involved, take ownership and not have a safety program dictated to them only when it’s convenient or doesn’t interfere with production. The first example of “Doing it Safe” comes from our leaders, and we all maintain a zero tolerance for unsafe acts and conditions. We believe that eliminating the hazards will eliminate the injuries, so we concentrate on our company’s efforts and resources to the elimination of unsafe conditions. Every employee must go home in good health and physical wellbeing at the end of each day.

Greg Hobbs - Owner